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Like several individuals, I have actually reviewed my fair share of Celeb Diet regimen Trick short articles for many years. Sometimes, I’ve also attempted to adhere to a couple of the starlet-approved consuming programs or physical fitness regimens.

Unfortunately, I have actually never ever had the self-control to adhere to any kind of one of them for also long. Maybe it’s since about midway with squeezing the lemons for the notorious juice purify (lemons, syrup, cayenne pepper), it struck me that I am not Beyonce and also no one really cares what I appear like in a swimwear. Even I uncommitted that much.

I put the lemons down.

But merely due to the fact that I cannot survive on chili pepper, maple syrup and also lemon juice, does not indicate I do not still acquire some interested pleasure from checking out concerning exactly how other individuals do. Who of all the hardbodied celebrities in the celeb sky, which we never tire of gazing upon, adheres to the most challenging nutritional regime, though?

No, it’s not Gwyneth Paltrow or Posh Spice. It’s Madonna, or so recommends The Cut‘s Rebecca Harrington, that makes a practice of checking out celebrity diet as well as health and fitness programs on the site.

Madonna supposedly makes it through on a rigorous macrobiotic diet (no wheat, eggs, meats, dairy) as well as follows an extreme cardio-dance fitness program that would make most top-notch athletes look lazy.

What do you consume on a macrobiotic diet plan? (Other compared to your heart out every single time you walk past a bakery, anyway.) Harrington appears to have (hardly) endured on miso soup, barley, tofu and also an array of sea vegetables.

The combination diet and also workout routine– Harrington bought workout DVDs by Madonna’s individual fitness instructor Nicole Winhoffer called Addicted to Sweat — left Harrington feeling starved.

I could only envision exactly what it should seem like to be Madonna: the self-control, the cash, the popularity, the countless miso-soaked sea veggies. I enjoy imagining all of it while I pick up a loaf of oat meal molasses bread at my local pastry shop every Saturday. And also while I respect the 54-year-old pop icon’s impressive endurance and also envy her pert posterior, I need to admit that it still feels pretty great to be me, specifically when I get home, park my drooping backside, and also rub a slice of still-warm oat meal molasses with strawberry jam.