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At mile 60 in the steamy 80-degree mountainous rain forest above Honolulu, elite ultrarunner Yassine Diboun was pushing his back with extreme stomach cramps, nausea, dizziness as well as chills, questioning whether to leave or advance with the staying 40 miles of the 2015 H.U.R.T. ONE HUNDRED, among the most grueling ultra-distance races in the country.

“I was completely bewildered by exactly how I was getting with that following area of unsafe trail,” Diboun states. The program contains 5 similar 20-mile laps of rooty, rocky single-track route with 24,500 feet of elevation gain as well as mud wallows and wild roaming porkers. Historically, the ordinary finishing price is around 30 percent.

Having completed 9 100-milers during the past 10 years, he was utilized to pressing through rugged patches, yet this time around he was hazardously dried out from vomiting, which he ‘d never experienced in a race. He called it stops.

Afterward, he examined just what failed: he hadn’t lugged enough fluids, he briefly got off course early in the race which tossed off his emphasis, as well as he was still battling a belly virus that he assumed had actually run its program.

Despite his first dissatisfaction, Diboun has learnt how to take the excellent with the bad as well as urges the runners he coaches to do the same.

“We could utilize subpar races as pointering stones as well as gain from them,” he claims.

Two days after the race, he fixed to go back to the H.U.R.T. in 2016.


Matt Flaherty, a 30-year-old expert ultrarunner, marathoner, and also running coach, agrees with Diboun on placing disappointing races in viewpoint, whatever the range.

“There’s as much to be discovered and also delighted in from the journey as the race,” Flaherty says. “If you attain your objective every race, you’re possibly not establishing tough adequate goals.”

And while there countless reasons races do not go as planned– such as disease, suboptimal training, and poor fueling– one of the most usual factors people disappoint their objectives is poor pacing, especially in marathons and also ultras, Flaherty says.

“Often individuals head out also strongly as well as they sort of strike up,” he clarifies. “There’s a lure to want to bank time, and a temptation when you see various other people going out hard to desire to opt for them.”

To stay clear of these mistakes, Flaherty incorporates development runs, or obtaining quicker towards completion of your run, right into his customers’ as well as his own training.

He likewise advises individuals to run by feel instead of counting on their GPS watches or heart-rate displays, information where could be useful– but primarily for evaluation after your run, not so much throughout it.

“Rather of constantly taking a look at a number and reacting to it, you intend to pay focus to your sensory data– your heart price, your breathing, your perceived initiative degree as well as figure out what you should do and also make little modifications,” he says, which will assist you learn exactly what sort of speed you can maintain.

And when you do experience bad spots, you could typically make it through them by staying engaged and positive, although that’s tough to do also for the most seasoned runners, Flaherty says.

“Rather of focusing on your discomfort or how lengthy you have to go, concentrate on how you could be a lot more effective right now. Also if you do not fulfill your A goal, in retrospect you can typically take pride in having battled as hard as you can and also understanding that you did,” he states.


In January 2016, Diboun, currently 37 years old, went back to Hawaii from Stumptown, Ore., his home town– this time, 4 days before the race rather than two, giving his body time to adjust. While resting on Waikiki beach with waves lapping at his feet, he imagined each segment of the program, simply as he had during training.

“When I make use of images, I see myself from over running down the path strong, saying thanks to the volunteers at the help stations, and also coming into the goal with a smile,” he says. “In endurance sporting activities, mental endurance is simply as vital as the physical training.”

He additionally repeated two mantras throughout the race: This is my day and I’m made for this shit.

On the path, he increased his liquid consumption from the previous year– drinking regarding 40 ounces of an energy beverage every 7 miles, and also swilling down fresh coconut water served up by Michael Arnstein, victor of the 2015 H.U.R.T., who had actually established a table with ONE HUNDRED coconuts and also a machete. Each time a jogger came through, Arnstein lopped off the top of a coconut and handed it to them.

Just as he would certainly visualized, Diboun had an ideal race. He put third with a time of 22 hours and also 39 mins, growing a kiss on the coating line sign inscribed with the H.U.R.T.’s motto: We would not want it to be easy.

“That race was so irrational in every method that for me it was the supreme examination of psychological and bodily endurance,” he states. “The idea of going down never entered my mind.”