good workouts

Age: 37
Sport: Wheelchair racing
Trains: 6 hours a day
Hometown: Winnipeg

Michelle Stilwell merely keeps obtaining a lot better. The three-time Paralympic gold medallist as well as world-record owner proceeds to defeat her individual bests. ‘Every second counts for a sprinter like me. I credit my capacity to cut hundredths of secs off my times to my raw and also vegan diet, which maintains me so stimulated,’ she states. Michelle is the only female Paralympian to have won gold in two different summer sporting activities, mobility device basketball as well as racing (in the 100-m and 200-m occasions). She ended up being a quadriplegic at 17 after an autumn from a piggyback trip that damaged her neck.

Why this sport: ‘I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. Via racing, I got stronger as well as I restored my independence.’

Top workout tip: ‘ Everyone needs a down day. Take time to extend and also hydrate. The method we treat our bodies determines just how well we carry out. Health and fitness isn’t simply regarding training. It’s a way of living.’

Pre-race ritual: A face and also pedicure. ‘I’ll most likely paint maple leaves on my huge toes for London.’

Favourite kitchen appliance: ‘My Vitamix! I use it each day.’

She got her strength from: ‘My mom! She’s the most established and also solid woman I know. She originated from an age of difficult work and also difficult times, as well as she made something of herself. She influences me on a daily basis.’

Her award-winning advice: ‘ Put your ideas into activity. You need to live your dream to make it a truth. The only distinction between possible and also difficult is perspective.’

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