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For most of my life, I was a fennel-phobe.

It’s real: I ‘d take one whiff of that bulbous, long-stemmed vegetable with its filigree of swaying fronds on the top– the one that’s so common in Italian cuisine-and instantly assume, “licorice.” As well as in my globe at the time, the only licorice to pass my lips was Crayola red, twisty, unnaturally glossy and also practically completely comprised of sugar (with possibly a little high-fructose corn syrup tossed in as a bonus). As soon as, back in my twenties, a pal cooked up a fennel stew at a supper event, and also it left such a bad taste in my mouth that I vowed to prevent it for the remainder of my life, kind of like the sweetheart who ripped off on me with his ex.

Fast ahead a couple of years to today. These days, I choose (and also delight in) totally sugar-free sweet deals with, along with every sort of fresh vegetable you can possibly imagine. After much argument, I determined to I would certainly provide fennel an additional shot. This moment, I promised to do it right.

All of my research led to the unpreventable final thought: fennel is good for you (unlike that unfaithful sweetheart). This family member of parsley, carrots as well as dill is low-calorie (one mug of the light bulb is only 27 calories and has almost no fat), high-fiber and rupturing with Vitamin C, potassium, folate, manganese, calcium and even more. It also provides a modicum of healthy protein (regarding 2% of your day-to-day needs in one practicing in). Among its several antioxidant homes, one of the most fascinating comes from anethole, a compound that helps in reducing inflammation and also prevents cancer.

So the best ways to obtain over my concern of fennel? I assumed back to other foods that had actually tested me, like collards or parsnip, both which I now adore. The trick? Eat them raw.

I discovered a dish for a wonderful fennel salad, cut, washed, prepped as well as dressed– and voilĂ — I was smitten! With little bits of crisp, crispy, pleasant veggie to woo me, I was quickly transformed to a fennel fan. If you’ve watched out for this less-than-common vegetable, attempt it raw initially, and also see how you like it.

With my love now sparked, I’m also considering venturing right into prepared fennel area following time.