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This Scottish-born Xterra off-road triathlon celebrity is additionally a top-tier trail runner.

In enhancement to being a two-time Xterra off-road triathlon world champ and a top-tier short-distance path runner, Lesley Paterson is also an endurance coach (she guides 20 clients through her Braveheart Physical fitness Coaching), actress with 17 films to her credit rating and also scriptwriter that is co-writing a brand-new movie script for the historic World War I unique “All Peaceful on the Western Front.” She’s made a name for herself in triathlon, she grew up “dropped” running on the undulating terrain of the Scottish moors. She’s excelled in the Xterra Route Run Series, including success in the Xterra Lake Sin city 21K path work on April 14 in Henderson, Nev., as well as the Xterra Oak Hill 21K route run on May 19 in Pelham, Ala. We overtook Paterson (that is contending in the Xterra Globe Champion off-road triathlon in Maui on Oct. 27) to talk about her path running expertise and obtain her recommendations about the best ways to educate and also race on tracks.

Trail Racing 101

When you’re competing on trails, there’s a real feeling about contending with against surface as well as the environment, versus contending with versus each various other. So there’s a shared assistance because venture. It’s still a race, and also we’re full blast there attempting to do the very best we can. On tracks, I think there’s simply a sense of being out there in nature– there is a joy concerning it. There’s a satisfying sensation regarding it that’s less aberrant compared to several of the races on roads, where time and also rate and also all of those details are a huge deal. You cannot actually determine on your own at a certain minute-per-mile speed, or even power meters on a bike are rather obsolete when it involves off-road racing. There’s a bit of imagination involved out on the tracks and with that comes an extremely unwinded nature and you really have to go with the flow, also though you still may be running hard.

Running Fast on Trails

Running quick on trails is completely various compared to operating on roadways or any flat surface. When you’re educating as well as racing on tracks, your activity and your gait are varied all the time. You have to have strong ankles, a solid pivot point, a solid core, and also strong aware of have the ability to navigate rocks and bound off of them as well as hem and haw obstacles so you don’t get wounded, yet also not to take also much power from your body.

Fartlek Training

Fartlek training is really great. I do an exercise called ‘over-unders,’ where you’re running just over your anaerobic limit and after that simply below it. You’re frequently pressing those borders and also consistently reviewing the red line and also coming back. I likewise do a bunch of strength-based workouts as well as cross-training in the health club to build practical toughness with the muscle mass you utilize while you’re working on the trails. It’s not just the eccentric stamina you need for uphill running, but likewise the concentric muscle motions for running quickly downhill and after that immediately attacking another hill.

Hill Repeats

Hill repeats are a wonderful drill for developing toughness and you can do them on road or you could do them off-road. You could do them all different times of the year with a various focus. In the offseason, I’ll do them with a lower heart-rate as well as concentrate on high-knee drive and engage all those muscle mass as a stamina part instead of a cardio component. I’ll also do bounding up a hillside, which is almost like a plyometric drill up an extremely steep hillside. They’re a controlled initiative that truly functions the calf bones and also feet. During the race period, I’ll pick up the speed as well as do sprints uphills as well as threshold exercises up hillsides. Toughness is the basis for all of those type of workouts, but you can vary the strength depending upon the moment of the period.

Tempo Run

Try to locate a route that will certainly imitate your race track and also do a lengthy run of regarding 90 minutes and also do a 30-minute pace effort on that particular trail then so you’re educating your body how you can take care of the fatigue of being on a path and also still being able to steer around that route. That develops stamina if you’re doing at the end of a future.


I think one of the hardest points in path races is that you run an uphill and also your legs are smashed, but after that you hit a downhill tough and also your legs are like jelly. After that you do another uphill and also you resemble, “Just what the hell?” But you could educate to improve the same sort of terrain. Depending on the training course you’re running, you must persuade a hill as well as down the opposite side so you’re mirroring exactly what’s visiting take place in the race. During a race, if you work the uphill, you don’t simply provide up at the end of capital, you enter a quick stride over the top of capital as well as attempt to preserve your tempo. For example, I’ll have my professional athletes do a 4-minute period on a hill, where it’s 2 minutes up a hillside and 2 minutes down the back side of that hillside. There are additionally some excellent intervals you can do where you run down a hillside to begin, after that up a hillside.

Leg Turnover

I do a great deal of track job in the weeks before a race to obtain more leg speed and also leg turn over. In some cases when you’re on the tracks, I think it’s very easy to time-out on your own right into a false feeling of protection in order to where your physical fitness truly is or lull on your own right into a rate that is much less than just what you can running. You need fast leg turn over to keep your timing sharp, even if you can not keep up that same quick turnover on a path. There are times you need it, though, as well as if you do not train for it, you won’t have it. To make sure that’s why it’s still essential to run fast on the track and roadway while you’re training for a trail race.

Tracking Trail Volume

I do not track the miles I run on tracks. You can never truly obtain a constant action of just how much you’re running, particularly when you contrast that to just how much you may run on roadways. I gauge my running by time on my feet, not by pace or perhaps range. Pace is mainly irrelevant on the trails. I began route running when I had to do with 11 years of ages with my papa over the fells in Scotland. In 2 hours, you might only cover 10 miles, yet kid it certain is a tough 2 hours.

Cross-Training for Trail Running

I do a lot of CrossFit functional toughness job like box jumps, single-leg jumps, lunges in all different planes of motion, medicine round throwing and various other exercises that involve all of the muscular tissues in all various ways. When you struck the side of a route or the side of a rock at a different angle, you’re using a whole various set of muscle mass. So you need to be versatile and efficient to be able to do that and also spring off that into your next stride. A great deal of single-leg job is truly important training for those kind of situations. I call them ice skate jumps where you’re jumping from side to side. You’re showing your body to push off the side of the foot. When you’re running down a route, possibilities are you’re going to be selecting your line and thrusting off one side, then one more off rocks, to ensure that can be truly handy.

For me, the cross-training entailed with triathlon has made me a much stronger jogger. I assume the endurance facets of triathlon and also the flexibility aspects of training for triathlon are amazing. When you’re functioning on a few different sporting activities like you perform in triathlon, you’re utilizing all airplanes of activity as well as structure stamina in a wide range of muscular tissue teams. One sporting activity truly feeds into the other extremely, really nicely. The swimming, for example, offers you a lot a lot more core strength, and that’s the basis for being an effective runner. The biking gives you leg toughness as well as muscle mass for trail running. Normally, you get a lot more potent from swimming and also biking and also that truly advantages your operating.

Running Form

From an equilibrium point of perspective, when I work on tracks, I have the tendency to utilize my arms and also have my arms out to the side so I can flail them a little bit in a little a round movement. Exercise a couple of strategies like that when you’re running downhill. Your body position and also having sufficient of a forward lean is very important. You don’t wish to be jamming on the breaks when you’re running downhill, because that’s truly visiting harm the muscular tissues as well as throw you off. If you have as well much of a forward lean, that’s visiting throw you off because you’re going to develop way too much speed.

Falling on Trails

I have actually almost perfected the Army roll. It has to do with going with the fall as opposed to aiming to breach it. The first response is something like, “Oh my god, I’m visiting drop,” and afterwards you strained up and also stiffen your limbs and also ultimately land a lot more challenging compared to you should or possibly even damage something. Yet if you roll with it as well as opt for it, you could sort of stand up as well as keep going and not have way too much damages. But that additionally reveals why strong ankles are truly vital. I in some cases roll over my ankle joints, however they’re strong enough to deal with that as well as I’m able to keep running and also not tip over. The even more you practice running downhill areas of a route, the far better you become and much less most likely you are to drop.


I wear a great deal of compression apparel after exercise for the remainder of the day. I always use Platform Legs at night and also, for circulation objectives, I additionally differ back and forth between ice baths and also hot baths and also do a whole lot of extending. And, then, obviously, I always address it through proper hydration as well as fueling, before, during and after a race or workout.