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What do YOU enjoy about your running sweethearts? We asked as well as YOU answered! Learn why Women’s Running readers love their pavement-pounding besties!

@Heelsandlippy: They have actually been there at the best and worst times of my life helping me to maintain going forward.

@mboyle12: Running & workout pals always press me to do my best!

@jennifer_lee02: Motivation for new objectives and also commemorating everyone’s accomplishments.

@EricasWish5k10K: They are the most effective since they keep me determined and also on course to reach my goals!

@diannadibble: They push me and also inspire me to maintain going! A run is a lot more fun with company.

@edoherty11: They maintain me running when I want to quit and also assist me remain inspired to be healthy and also strong!

@StarrNapear: Running sweethearts= objectives set, objective accomplished, memories made, bodysoulmind healthy!

@smileytree21: I enjoy my running buddies they always make you think you could do anything!

@Chapman_LR: They encourage and influence me to push myself farther compared to I ever thought!

The Runner’s Quick guide to WDW: We enjoy having a person to run alongside of us! Also much better – racecations with the girls!

Mia M.: Regardless of how slow or just how quickly we are putzing along, we continue to support each other 100%!

Deborah B.: EVERYTHING the bond is unbreakable!!

Doretha W.: Every little thing! They hold me answerable. They press me with the difficult times. They share cupcakes [when] required.

Sandy A.: They are my support system … in running and also in life … I do not know just what I would do without them!

Cara S.: They ‘get’ me in methods that my non-running good friends NEVER will certainly …

Nicole Z.: Just what’s not to love! They are energetic, delighted, encouraging as well as they motivate every step! I enjoy to keep up them, yet it is the giggling that I always remember!

Harris P.: They are the sisters I never had.

Amy P.: No person is quicker to cheer me on, lift me up or lug me through anything, anytime or anywhere!

Kristin K.: The dedication to turn up for every other even though it’s dark, cold, early, moist, hot, and so on. Supporting one an additional over miles through life.

Pam H.: That they hold me answerable … positive peer stress right!!

Maria D.: Running is so a lot a lot more enjoyable with my ‘running siblings’! They provide inspiration, difficulty and also GIGGLES!!! Love them!

@BellRunninspot: Since mine is my mother! She rocks!

Now we’re really interested … exactly how did you satisfy your running girlfriends? Allow us understand right here or tweet us @WomensRunning!