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Think running a half marathon is tough? Try arranging one! Dana Allen, race supervisor of our very own Females’s Running Series, gives us a peek behind the scenes into the globe naturally permits and water stops.

Women’s Running: Were you a jogger prior to you were a race director?

Dana Allen:I’ve been a runner given that grade 7. I certainly involved this work by enthusiasm. I enjoy the sporting activity of running so it behaves to be able to transform that into a work and also enjoy exactly what I do day-to-day.

WR: What amazed you regarding the role of race director that you hadn’t realized as a runner?

DA:In particular, it has actually made me truly appreciate how crucial volunteers are to placing on an occasion and also how important it is for them to show up. As a whole, I assume just what surprised me is merely exactly how much information enters into each race. There are so several little points you need to remain on top of– from arranging EMS to fire, cops, health and wellness permits and also city companies– and you need to do it with a lot less rest and fewer sources than you would anticipate.

WR: The number of individuals does it take?

DA:That depends upon the dimension of the race. For a Female’s Running event that varies from 2,500 to 6,000 runners, we have actually a paid personnel of around 20 that deal with the race weekend as well as an extra 300 to 400 volunteers.

WR: Exactly what makes you most worried on race day?

DA:The weather! You never ever know just what you’re going to get on any type of given day. While a lot of runners will run in any kind of problems, that’s when you have volunteer concerns. So you always wish for a wonderful day, since after that generally you can count on volunteers being there and aiding you make certain the race goes off without a hitch.

WR: What’s your ideal race memory?

DA:When I was the Race Director of the Toronto Waterfront Marathon and also Fifty percent Marathon, there was a gent in his 70s coming via the last 200 meters of the half, blowing by people Thirty Years below him. I keep in mind being so amazed as well as recognizing that running actually has no obstacles. No matter what your age or background is.

WR: Can anyone run a half?

DA:I do believe the fifty percent marathon range is possible for any individual. If you’re thinking about doing your first half, you should have a medical appointment. After that with a correct training program, a sound technique to diet as well as injury prevention and also a really great support network, I assume every person needs to achieve success.

WR: Just what are a couple of things a lady can do to ensure she has the best race day possible?

DA:Avoid changing things up on race morning. Attempting a new breakfast, new shoes or brand-new clothing the morning of the race is a really common mistake. If it’s your very first race, having somebody to run with is excellent because it takes the pressure off the specific performance and provides assistance when the going obtains tough.

WR: Exactly what’s the very best component about being a race director?

DA:My favored thing is enjoying runners cross the line. Everyone has actually taken a great deal of time to educate for the race, for numerous it’s their initial fifty percent marathon. In that minute, all their effort has ultimately involved fruition. I enjoy seeing the expressions of pleasure that find their faces.

Early Bird

A race day in the life of a race supervisor …

3:30 My alarm goes off.

4:00 Report to the start line.

4:15 Guarantee the start/finish set up is in place.

4:30 Check program making sure it is secure and also secure.

5:00 Volunteers begin to get there and also sign in.

5:30 Oversee volunteer positioning to be specific all course areas are staffed.

6:00 The timing company places chip floor coverings.

7:00 Race starts!

7:30 Continue correspondence with essential training course personnel.

8:00 Examine to make sure water quits are functioning.

8:30 Prepare goal so it’s ready for first runners.

9:00 Prepare post-race party and entertainment.

11:00 Our final runners finish.

11:30 Start to clean up!


Dana is the Race Supervisor of the Women’s Running Collection and Elder Vice Head of state of Company Advancement at Competitor Group, Inc. Her profession has actually included leadership parts at International Management Group, the 2003 World Road Cycling Championships and the Canada Running Collection. She could frequently be located running and appreciating the outdoors in San Diego where she lives with her partner Chris.