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I have a love/hate partnership with gum. I would call myself addicted to it, as I can conveniently go via a pack a day and also often “chain-chew.’

As quickly as I am done with lunch daily, I break out my pack of gum as well as chew a brand-new piece every 10 minutes without even realizing it. I have actually been chewing this much gum for at the very least ten years, and I am not pleased regarding it. Several of you might be believing, “exactly what is the big offer, it is simply gum.” It does have some health benefits, so the experts state, yet the tummy concerns it causes me and also the partnership I have with it exceeds any type of benefits.

Let’s first go over why I eat gum. Certainly, I do not want foul breath. Mints are not a better option due to the fact that, much like gum, I finish up consuming the entire pack. Lunch commonly provides me a preference in mouth that I promptly require to do away with. Often I chew gum due to the fact that I desire to quit snacking. It is difficult sitting at a desk for 8 hours without constantly wanting food. I am typically fine without gum on the weekends, so I know being at job has a whole lot to do with it. The professionals claim it helps with stress and also psychological focus, and also while this may be real for some, it is the other for me. My gum substance addiction causes me a lot more tension than good. Additionally, it does not help me when my dental expert informs me sugar-free gum is great for dental health and wellness as well as entirely authorizes of my gum chewing.

I do not want a medical professional’s approval.

There are several reasons that I need to stop my gum addiction instantly. The largest factor is the intense stomach problems it causes for me. Sugarless gum contains synthetic sweeteners which can cause digestion issues considering that our bodies are not suggested to be consuming chemicals. The sweeteners could create gas, bloating as well as belly cramping. I chew a whole pack after lunch and look pregnant by the time I go to the gym after work.

Gum includes neurotoxic sugars, the very same chemicals located in diet plan soft drinks that are recognized making people hunger for even more sugary foods. I have found this to be true, as I chew gum after lunch or supper, and wind up requiring a lot more food, as well as not because I am hungry. I normally finish my days with migraines, an aching mandible as well as feeling sorry for myself considering that my tummy looks significant from all of the swallowed air. Getting a couple of packs of gum a day is bad for the wallet either.

I just recently decided to take major actions to quit my gum substance addiction. If you have a comparable substance addiction, below is exactly what I suggest:

1)      Have a support system:  I guaranteed a close friend (who beat her gum dependency in 2013) that I would sms message her every time I stuck an item of gum in my mouth. I do not intend to annoy her with my text every ten mins after lunch, so this has actually been benefiting me. I may send her one text at the end of the night about exactly how I only ate one piece, as well as she tells me that I am doing a wonderful job.

2)      Throw out your gum: I had 36 packs of gum in my apartment merely recently. It looked like a full waste of money to throw all of it out, but it needed to be done.

3)      Do not bring gum or acquire it throughout the day: This one has actually been crucial to my quitting. If I have gum with me, I eat it. If I discover an arbitrary piece in my purse, I eat it. Do deficient available to you.

4)      Set up some consequences: If I ask my coworker for a piece of gum, she makes me pay her $1.00 for one item. Certainly I do not wish to fork over $1.00 for one single item of gum.