24 hr fitness

Combat late-run fatigue with this reliable strength-training exercise.

“The standing pinhead shoulder press is an excellent workout to help runners in establishing additional muscle endurance of the shoulder,” states Siobhain Kilgallen, the Supervisor of Athletic Reconditioning at the USA Air Force Academy.

Kilgallen suggests joggers incorporate this exercise into their regular two times a week with a minimum of 48 hrs in between sessions. Beginning with two sets of 12 repetitions each as well as progressively raise to three sets of 15 reps. Relax 30 secs in between sets.

How to Do It:

Step 1: Stand with your feet hip-width apart, legs directly but not shut out, and weight dispersed equally in between toes and also heels.

Step 2: Grasp the pinheads and also hold them at shoulder elevation. “Elbow joints are curved and directing down toward the flooring, lower arms are alongside each other, wrists are straight and also palms are facing each various other,” says Kilgallen.

Step 3: Agreement your stomach muscles, raise your upper body and unwind your shoulders by delicately drawing your shoulder blades together as well as down.

Step 4: Press the dumbbells overhead, maintaining the weights according to your shoulders, wrists straight as well as forearms alongside each other up until the elbow joints are extended overhead but not shut out.

Step 5: Reduced the pinheads to the begin placement, permitting the elbow joints to gradually flex as you maintain your wrists directly as well as forearms alongside each other. “Count up for 2 and down for 2 to set up a smooth motion as well as rhythm,” Kilgallen recommends. “Maintain your head still, as well as don’t snap or shut out your elbow joint joints.”