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The 10K program
Phase 1: General fitness
During this seven-week stage, you’ll progressively increase the size of your training to prepare your body for a longer run. On the days it claims ‘stamina,’ we suggest a strength-training program. On the days it says ‘flex,’ we suggest a regimen that targets flexibility.

At completion of this program you’ll will have the ability to run for 45 minutes.

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Phase 2: Endurance and speed
During this phase, we raise the length of the continuous running sessions. We incorporate periods of training at tool strength, which are created to increase cardio strength. We additionally include strides, which intend to raise your speed. For strides, all you need to do is progressively raise your speed up until you get to a rate you can keep during a 5K (S5), without visiting the maximum speed. We likewise integrate numerous weeks with four running training sessions. At the end of this phase, you will do a run simulation. On a 5K training course, aim to preserve the rate you intend to maintain throughout your last 10K run. You can also do a sprint at the end.

( Training note: RS= Healing rate, S= Rate)
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Phase 3: Specific endurance
Only seven weeks left until the huge day! During this last phase, we integrate intervals at a greater rate. The recently prior to the run, kick into power build-up method by sitting well. At the end of this stage, you will certainly prepare to genuinely appreciate your 10K run!

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Jean-François Harvey is a kinesiologist as well as an osteopath from Montreal, he’s likewise the author of the running how-to book Courir Mieux