workout routine

You recognize exactly what aggravates the heck out of me? When I work out with a girlfriend as well as after, when we eliminate our braid holders, her hair bounces right back right into shape. It looks excellent, she has sparkle, she has quantity, there are no ridges from the elastic, no curling or crimping around her roots. She typically appears like she just stepped out of the salon.

When I remove my ponytail, on the various other hand, my hair appears like I’ve been through World Battle III. It preserves the ponytail form, also when it’s down. The texture is stiff. There is no luster and also there is no sheen and also honestly, I would certainly show up socially inappropriate if I tipped foot outside.

I do not have time to damp as well as blowdry my coarse, kinky hair after each exercise. But I do have some pointers on exactly how women with much less convenient hair like me could maintain our tresses looking like possible after a sweat session:

  • Moisture-wicking headband: I constantly put on one! They absorb the sweat around the hairline and help tame the frizz. My faves are BondiBands due to the fact that they typically aren’t so tight that they make a fold, they do not glide off and also most notably, they come in brilliant, fun colors as well as patterns.
  • Claw clip: Braid elastics, even the elegant “no ridge” ones, reshape my hair into the form of a ponytail after I take it out. A claw clip such as this one from Scunci, while still not ideal, makes a significant distinction in my hair after an exercise. I twist my hair at the base of my neck and secure it above the bun with the clip. I’m frequently able to make my hair appear rather presentable with this method.
  • Braid: If you don’t mind some waves in your hair, a braid can leave your hair less complicated to handle compared to a ponytail. I just do this for reduced influence workouts (read: those where I won’t be a sweaty creature) since once my hair touches the back of my perspiring neck, there is no hope.