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Etiquette professional Lizzie Blog post, great-great-granddaughter of Emily Blog post, recognizes a thing or two regarding the customary practices– and also the offspring of the renowned decorum queen is a jogger too!

My workplace culture is instead casual, and plenty of people exercise lunchtime. Is it disrespectful to visit an afternoon meeting still sweaty from my lunchtime run?

So this answer doesn’t have a one dimension fits all. It totally relies on how informal your workplace is, just how much you sweat throughout your lunch runs– even how foul-smelling your sweat is! The last one is actually hard to inform. Getting a second point of view is crucial below. Ask a trusted friend/significant other how you scent after one of your weekend runs. You could also tell them why you’re asking. The truth is that if any individual can tell you’ve just been working out, it’s possibly a smart idea to give yourself sufficient time to fit in a post-run shower.

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