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Plagued with mid-run side stitches? Do this following time you feel an ache beginning:

  • Don’ t panic! It’s just a cramp.
  • Focus on maintaining loosened up, also breathing.
  • Slow down as well as put your hand around the area that hurts.
  • As you exhale, squeeze this area between your fingers and thumb. Relax your hand as you inhale.
  • Continue this pattern for five or 6 breaths.
  • That should do the trick!

What’s a side stitch anyway?

Contrary to common belief, it’s not really an unseen gnome stabbing your ribcage from the in. A side stitch is a convulsion in your diaphragm (or the surrounding tendons), often brought on by exhaustion.

The Best Cure is Prevention

Avoid the discomfort in the first area by …

1. Hydrating properly

2. Enhancing your core (believe planks and pushups)
3. Preventing heavy foods two to 4 hours prior to running
4. Concentrating on breathing throughout workouts