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Though triathlon has a great number of health and wellness and vanity benefits (hello there, attractive swimmer shoulders!), there’s still a couple of, ahem, “problems” female triathletes encounter, from uneasy bouncing boobs to unpleasant saddle sores. The most effective defense is a good crime. Stay clear of these typical triathlete difficulties with simple prevention strategies:

“Down there” drama

Sores in the groin, rear end and also top thighs could make biking uneasy– or worse, become contaminated and painful. These problems, triggered by chafing, obstructed hair follicles or excess pressure on the crotch, generally materialize themselves as red, tender swellings. To avoid these sores:

  • Make certain your saddle is located appropriately. A correct bike fit is essential for comfort and also avoidance of sores.
  • Use a chamois cream with antibacterial homes. Hoo Ha Ride Glide ($ 21.95, consists of tea tree as well as peppermint oils.
  • Never wear underwear with your biking shorts, as well as always clean filthy shorts prior to putting on again– also if they were just worn for a brief ride!

Support “the girls”

Though lots of tri tops and also matches have built-in sporting activities bras, some wom-en could find they need a little extra support. When picking a sporting activities bra:

  • Try on multiple brands. Test their convenience by getting to up over your head and jogging in place.
  • Choose a bra with a tight band and straps that do not go into your shoulders.
  • Stay far from cotton materials, which will certainly preserve water from the swim and result in chafing. Rather, look for technological, moisture-wicking materials. Still have not located “the one?” Visit, where “bra- vangelists” will certainly help discover a best fit for every body.

Sun exposure

According to The Skin Cancer cells Structure, more compared to 3.5 million skin cancers in more than 2 mil-lion people are identified yearly, and greater than 90 percent of the noticeable changes commonly connected to skin aging are created by the sun. Sunlight defense is essential to skin cancer avoidance– and so easy too!

  • Use a sunscreen with SPF 30 or greater, as well as apply 1 ounce every two hrs, several sweat- as well as water-resistant brands are offered for triathletes, like Endurance Shield ($ 12.99 for 2 oz.,
  • Look for clothing carrying an Ultraviolet Security Element, or UPF ranking, for an included layer of sun safety.
  • Ride in the trainer or swim in an interior pool when feasible– specifically between the hours of 10 a.m. as well as 4 p.m., when the sunlight’s rays are most intense.

Eau de Chlorine

Even the most pricey fragrance can’t mask the smell of chlorine. The water in swimming pools can leave swimmers with completely dry, fragile, scratchy hair and also skin. Soap and also shampoo post-swim could help, however a vitamin C-based treatment like SwimSpray ($ 12.95, could neutralize the residual chlorine, leaving skin as well as hair soft as well as odor-free.


A initiation rite for several triathletes is the “wetsuit hickey,” a huge, red blotch on the neck caused by chafing where the match meets the skin. Triathletes can experience inflammation in any type of location where rubbing is put on the skin: in the armpit, under a heart-rate band, along the internal upper legs or under the toes. Minimize rubbing by putting on tight, moisture-wicking garments with couple of seams and also using a lubricating substance such as Body Move, ($ 9.99, most running/triathlon stores) to locations vulnerable to chafing.