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I was lucky to have raced along with one of the best American runner of all time, Bob Kennedy, a two-time Olympian that held American documents in the 3K and 5K and also was practically untouchable at the United States championships for regarding a decade.

Although I was never ever able to match his times at the 3K and also 5K, I had the ability to beat him on numerous circumstances. I took just what I found out from those experiences and also used it to my own running– therefore can you. Below are 3 crucial things I gained from him.

The value of the base phase

Even as a 3K/5K expert, Kennedy never ever disregarded to include a base phase in his general training program. Whatever distance you’re preparing for, a period of prolonged higher quantity with a focus on exercises at or just above aerobic threshold will certainly boost your general oxygen-carrying capacity. Kennedy would put in eight to 12 weeks a year where the main emphasis was on coming to be aerobically stronger. This not just elevated his performance during a year, yet likewise guaranteed he could possibly hold his health and fitness for longer over the racing period.

The importance of speed

Kennedy was careful concerning constantly establishing speed as well as preserving a high level of efficiency at running fast throughout the year. Also throughout the base stage, Kennedy would certainly consist of faster workouts at 1-mile race speed. These were much shorter intervals of 600 meters or less during the higher quantity durations including more remainder in between intervals. Lots of professional athletes educating for longer races neglect this aspect, as do several joggers that started later on in life.

The importance of intensity

Another element to Kennedy was his readiness to include extreme workouts often, normally throughout the last accumulation to his racing period. He was not worried to push himself quite hard in training– usually training with the top Kenyan professional athletes for durations throughout the year– to ensure he was physically and also psychologically ready for the strength of racing. It is reasonable that pressing tough in training, approaching race initiative for some workouts, is not a natural propensity for some, yet if done correctly as well as in the best doses, it can yield massive returns.