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Heather Moyse is a triple-threat. She’s stood for Canada at elitelevels for 3 different sporting activities: bobsleigh, rugby as well as track biking. However she does not simply stand for Canada, she plays to win, and also she does. In 2010, she earned an Olympic gold medal on home soil in the two-woman bobsleigh occasion. That very same year she contended in the Women’s Rugby Globe Cup in London, England, and also connected for leading try-scorer of the tournament.

Fast-forward to June 2011, the Royal prince Edward Island native tried track biking for the very first time as a way to maintain active while recuperating from an ankle injury. Four months later on Heather gained a place to represent Canada at the 2012 Pan-American Cycling Championships in Argentina. She placed fourth in the 50-metre time test sprint and 5th in the 500-metre head-to-head sprint occasion. Not bad considering it was her very first actual track-cycling competition, not to mention her first worldwide one.

After going through hip surgical treatment in November 2012, she took place to represent Canada at the 2013 Rugby World Mug Sevens in Moscow. Heather’s not quiting there. Provided the nickname ‘Batman’ by one of her teammates, the 35-year-old is suiting up once more (sans cape) for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia– her 3rd time representing Canada at the Olympics. She’ll be breakman to Kaillie Humphries, her partner at the Vancouver Olympics, in order to protect their gold medal win. 
 Here’s what the multi-sport affordable professional athlete needed to claim concerning winterizing her exercises, just how she psychologically gets ready for a sport and just what she consumes to remain competition-ready.

Q: Exactly what’s one of the most fun means to winterize your exercise?
A: I don’t think I have actually had a wintertime where I’m not educating for anything, yet I would most likely find indoor tasks. I would sign up with a co-ed basketball group or some type of interior utmost Frisbee team. And also I think in the winter months, part of the key is doing points in groups due to the fact that it keeps you motivated — it keeps you accountable.

I’m not a lot of a jogger. If I’m taking place walks with my mom, I’ll often be playing songs on my phone with one earbud in, then listening to the conversation with my other ear. For me, songs eliminates anything adverse. It merely constantly makes points more pleasurable for me.

Q: Exactly how do you prepare mentally for a sporting activity, and also does it vary amongst activities?
With rugby … a great deal of it is prep that you do as a group. You’re looking at online game video and video clip footage of the group you will play.

When you’re on your personal, if you’re working with individual skills, after that occasionally you just have to picture those abilities prior to you pointer out on the field.

When you’re on your very own, if you’re dealing with personal abilities, after that occasionally you merely need to picture those abilities. As well as it’s simply literally closing my eyes– typically I prefer to physically stand to ensure that I could get the muscular tissues that I would certainly should agreement in order to press the sled– and also merely replicate in my mind that optimal angle when I fall under the sled as well as when I can prolong out. Undergoing it in my mind assists put my mind on my body as well as in the best spot.

I usage favorable visualization more so for biking and also for bobsledding due to the fact that it’s quite specific. Both of those sporting activities are coming down to hundredths of a second, so you should perfect those nows in your human brain to obtain every single hundredth of a second that you can.

Q: What does your pre-race meal appearance like?

It’s various depending on the time of our race. I usually consume a dish concerning three hrs prior to a race. If it’s in the early morning, I have a morning meal that usually has a whole lot of protein and a lot of carbs. It would possibly be eggs and also some kind of potatoes due to the fact that those sort of carbs will certainly make me feel full for longer.

If it’s later on in the day, like an evening race, I will possibly obtain my protein from poultry or salmon, as well as I will have some type of carb.

If I need something that’s closer to the race, I will certainly take something that’s not as big, yet something that I recognize will load me up. I’ll make a peanut butter and also jam sandwich because I know the bread, peanut butter and also jam will certainly fill me up sufficient as well as it won’t be so heavy for bobsledding.

Q: You’ve endured many injuries, exactly how did you get over those obstacles?
A: I think any challenge that you’re dealing with, it has to do with viewpoint. You could either treat that challenge as a trouble, or you could alleviate it as a challenge. I assume immediately when you change your way of thinking and relieve it as a difficulty, that barrier then comes to be an incentive rather than a hindrance.

Q: How are you refueling during races and also games?
I love BioSteel stuff, and also that’s my sporting activities beverage of choice when I’m training. In Rugby Sevens it’s more of an event layout, so you have to refuel since that’s lasting an entire day. For me, it would have to do with granola bars.

Sometimes for bobsledding, I’ll have a little pack of tiny marshmallows in my bag, or any sort of little candies, like Sour Spot Children. That’s not always on race days, but those are for sliding days when we’re there for hours.

Q: The amount of calories are you taking in a day?
A: I’m not a calorie counter. I in fact don’t really approve of people counting calories, partially since people do not understand calories benefit you. I seem like the trouble is simply where they’re getting their calories from, however some people fail to remember that component and also just limit their calories.

My meals are incredibly healthy and balanced. My biggest thing is making certain that you get adequate healthy proteins as well as carbs in your meals. For me, it’s merely a matter of getting as several calories as I can in order to hold up against the training that we deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Q: Rugby Sevens is consisted of in the 2016 Summer season Olympics. Are you thinking about standing for Canada then?
In 2012, I established out the objective for both rugby and also bobsledding for 2013. I’m type of just trying to take things one year each time, one period at once. When individuals begin discussing Sochi, I literally will simplify to one race each time. I assume if you obtain as well much in advance of yourself, you do not complete just what you wish to in the moment.

I’m 35 years old, so for me, I’m really excited regarding checking out points that are visiting take place after sporting activity is over.

Q: Would certainly you think about competing at the 2016 Olympics for cycling?
A: The trainers, personnel and also colleagues had stated that if I kept cycling I would for certain be going to the 2016 Olympics. But at that factor, it wasn’t a four-year dedication that I was prepared making because I additionally recognized that I possibly wanted to return to rugby, or to bobsledding for the 2014 Olympics.

This springtime and also summer after the 2014 Wintertimes Games, I’m planning to take a solid break, then after that, I truly do not know. I assume I would certainly be more likely to return for an occasion like the 500-metre time trial, but that was secured of the last Olympics in London. If they determine to put it back in. I would be a lot more inclined to get back to cycling.

This meeting has been modified for size as well as clarity.

Watch her contend February 18 below. For a lot more on our Olympic hopefuls click here.